Polish National Opera House commissioned Bridge to design a mobile version of the Operalab exhibition. The design was supposed to be lightweight, easy to assemble and to correspond with the first Operalab exhibition created by Bridge and presented at the Opera House in May 2013.


Bridge created a modular design driven by the same principle as earlier permanent Operalab showcase. Minimalistic scenography immersed in white, which brings the Augmented Reality presentation of architectural designs to the foreground. Mobile, L-shaped stands for AR trackers as well as modular floor panels are stackable which ensures the ease of transport and construction. Modular design results in multiple spatial configurations. The exhibition is flexible and can fit very different spaces.


The first presentation of Operalabĺs mobile version took place in Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw during Przemiany Festival in September 2013. Approximately 19,000 people visited the Festival space over 4 days. Next presentation is planned for úˇdč Design Festival in October.