Copernicus Science Centre
05 - 08 Sept. 2013
Exhibition curated by: Super Super + Bridge


Future cannot be divined, but it can be shaped. The creative power of human beings – supported by new technologies – may change the world. New methods of production, including 3D print, are no longer reserved for specialists. We can print anything: from shoes, through endoprosthesis to space stations on Mars. We are only limited by our imagination. Power To The People was an exhibition and a series of workshops and lectures that gathered the most prominent authors and producers within the dynamically developing 3D print market. It was Poland’s first exhibition presenting the phenomenon of the third industrial revolution.


The exhibition was composed of several subject areas such as: design, architecture, fashion, food, engineering and medicine. The event featured Prof. Behrokh Khoshnevis, Digital Forming, Earl Stuart, Fashion Digital Studio, Materialise, Within Labs, Oskar Zieta and many others. The objects on display include a Moon dust print made as part of the studies for printing a base on the Moon, flexible, wearable shoe generated based on the 3d scan of it’s owner’s feet and smart microstructures printed in titanium, these low-weight and high strength structures are already used across many industries - from Formula 1 races to medical implants.