Creative Direction: Super Super
3D form computational programing: Bridge
Executive producer: Rafał Grobel
Post production: Lunapark
DOP: Michał Dąbal


The third edition of the festival was focused on the future: blurring the line between the designer, manufacturer and consumer. 3d printing gives the power to create and produce into everyone’s hands. How to communicate the emergence of third industrial revolution?


Our main purpose was to depict current shifts in roles of designers, producers and consumers in the ID of the festival. The ID shows a design process in it's purest form. A designer creates a new object by sketching it in 3d. The new piece materializes immediately. We used Leap Motion to capture the movement of designer’s hand and we wrote an algorithm that processes data from the device to generate a 3D form which follows the movement. The result is a movie, 3d form and 3d prints which became the main theme of the Festival ID.