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Physical presentation of BMW i3 was complemented by an Augmented Reality app. After pointing a tablet towards the graphics placed on the AR boxes the visitors could experience the virtual 3d world of the vehicle. Augmented Reality was used to present the construction of the car and most important features of it's design.


Copernicus Science Centre
05 - 08 Sept. 2013
Exhibition curated by: Super Super + Bridge


Creative Direction: Super Super
3D form computational programing: Bridge
Executive producer: Rafał Grobel
Post production: Lunapark
DOP: Michał Dąbal

Mobile Operalab

Polish National Opera House commissioned Bridge to design a mobile version of the Operalab exhibition. The design was supposed to be lightweight, easy to assemble and to correspond with the first Operalab exhibition created by Bridge and presented at the Opera House in May 2013.

AR Lublin Stadium

Kuban & Salak structural engineers commissioned Bridge to create an Augmented Reality app which present both architecture and structural engineering solutions of the new Stadium in Lublin, Poland.

OperaLab Exhibition

Exhibition of competition entries held by Teatr Wielki - The Polish National Opera and BMW.

Interactive installation 3D print/video mapping

Bridge and Platige Image created a physical space manifesto for new offices of Platige Image

F5 Cover in Augmented Reality

How to enhance readers’ experience, communicate the magazine content and show augmented reality as an upcoming trend?

Fold Warsaw

How to attract visitors of the Festival to participate in the design process? How to make them feel that the stage design is was created by and together with them?


Bridge is an interdisciplinary studio working in the fields of augmented reality and co-design. Bridge brings together specialists in diverse creative fields: product design, graphic and interface design, web and app development, parametric design, digital fabrication and video mapping. We deliver cross-discipline solutions that connect design and technology.

Founders: Hanna Kokczyńska, Jacek Majewski, Mikołaj Molenda, Jarosław Nowotka, Michał Piasecki

Mińska 25/73
03-808 Warsaw, Poland